Would you like to gain knowledge to increase your sales and digital marketing? Check out this masterclass.

Are you confused about what you should be doing regarding digital marketing?

How do you know what is working?

Are there ways to make digital marketing easier to use?

There is so much we can do with digital marketing but do you find your business is taking lots of steps but you are unsure what will really benefit your business?

This event will help address these questions for you and give you a clearer understanding as to which platform(s) to use for your specific needs. This is an interactive session where you will be walked through the steps with a clear idea of what you can do to gain better results for your business, supporting growth through digital marketing.

Pentlands client Anita Dinnes, the presenter for this event, has a proven track record with digital marketing, she will share her tips and secrets on how she tailors the approach for her clients to achieve optimum results. You will learn how and when to use which digital platforms for your business and how you can target your actions with a clearer focus.

With the digital world constantly changing, keeping up with the latest developments and knowing when and how to use them to their full potential is not always easy or clear to understand. We will unravel this at this event. 

You will find out how to produce a clearer prospect list, identifying who you would like to target as your future clients, and how this targeting can be done most effectively. You will also learn how to get better results from the time you spend on social media. Anita will also share the technologies that she has put into place within organisations to help them work while staff are away from the business, through various automation tools. You will be able to go back into your business with a clear picture of what should be in place.

The topics covered will include the following:

Marketing Automation - what is achievable - constraints - software options

Social Media - targeting potential clients - customer insight - which platform to use for which purpose.

Which platform(s) to use to advertise your offering.

Google, Adwords and Google Analytics.

The use of Linkedin for prospecting your ideal clients.

Price for this Course is £80 + vat

To book your place please visit https://digitalmarketingcourse.eventbrite.com and feel free to bring your laptop with you.

This event is presented by Anita Dinnes, Managing Director of Business Centred Solutions.