It's the retail outlet that arguably EVERYONE in Coventry has patronised - and this year it celebrates 20 years of trading.

Pentlands clients Battery Connection is the city centre stall where people can get a new battery fitted to their watches or gadgets while they wait. In addition, it sells pretty much every kind of battery imaginable.

The business started life 20 years ago when former cruise ship photographer Rachel Doyle decided she needed to put down some roots. Over the years it has expanded from its Coventry base, with units also now trading in Solihull, Chelmsley Wood and Banbury.

Rachel said: “I had been travelling around the world as a photographer on cruise ships and I came back to Coventry and wanted to start a business. I was young and fearless in those days so starting Battery Connection was a spontaneous, impulsive decision. I probably shouldn’t admit this, I didn’t have a business plan and didn’t think about the consequences, but the risk paid off. I remember the day I first took up my pitch in the city centre and a few of the other traders came over and told me it would never work. But happily, we are still there after 20 years, and we plan to celebrate many more birthdays.”

Rachel has seen plenty of trends come and go over the years but says that there is still huge demand for the service, thanks in large part to the support of local people.

Rachel has no regrets about switching career, still loves running the business and remains positive about the future.

She added: “The secret to the longevity of the business has been the same reason that we became a success from day one - and that is our consistent dedication to outstanding customer service. The Battery Connection team give their absolute best to every customer and this has paid off. We have so many people who have come to us over the years. We’ve seen kids coming with their parents and now they’ve grown up with kids of their own, and they are visiting us too.”

We would like to congratulate Rachel and wish her continued success.