The Government is providing grants to businesses to get them Customs ready for Brexit.
Pentlands client Hooper & Co International Trade Consultancy are providing free training/workshops to businesses who apply for this grant.
The rules have been relaxed from before due to the low take up of the previous grant and the restrictive guidelines have now been lifted
The Grant is:
At the moment applications for the grant are up to 31 Jan 2020
The Training is to help businesses complete declarations and manage customs processes (this does not mean the business has to do the declaration direct with HMRC) but includes companies who will sub out the declarations to Brokers and freight forwarders. Therefore, the grant is aimed at giving businesses an understanding of customs processes and procedures.
The training itself should be delivery of a commercially procured training course
business may wish to apply for training for a number of staff. They can apply for funding for up to 100% of the cost of training, provided they can confirm this would not increase the amount of de-minimis state aid received above the €200,000 threshold
External The cap per trainee per training course is £2,250. Should eligible training costs exceed that amount, grant support will be limited to £2,250 per trainee per training course
Eligible Cost
The cost of the training provision as charged by the external training provider (without itemising trainers personnel costs or the trainers materials and supplies)
Trainee materials and supplies directly related to the project, to the extent that they are used exclusively for the training project and not supplied by the trainer;
Trainers travel and subsistence costs, to the extent that they are incurred/required exclusively to deliver training events.
If you are interested in applying please visit 
Hooper & Co – 1 or 2 day Workshops
Planning for Importers and Exporters
Customs Procedures Import and Export
Customs Paperwork
Tariff Classification and HS Codes
Rules of Origin
Customs Declarations
Calculating Duty and VAT
Customs Valuation Procedures
Hooper & Co can also do a more tailored workshop to Clients within their own business which covers the above but can be focused on looking at their specific markets, products, scenario planning i.e. Look at Customs/Suppliers and supply chains, origin of goods (i.e. if there is a deal by way of an FTA would their goods qualify) so we could go into much more detail to get businesses Brexit ready.