Personal resilience is the ability to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure. Our resilience is a combination of personal characteristics and learned skills.
Session covers:
Introduction to resilience.
Discussion: What triggers your stress response?
Impact of stress on wellbeing and performance.
Key elements of personal resilience.
Mini self-assessment on your current level of resilience. 
Discussion: work-based scenarios and practical tips.
Who is it for:
Anyone interested in building their personal resilience.
Benefits of attending:
Reality check of your current level of resilience and wellbeing.
Gain practical tips to manage pressure, change and conflicting priorities.
Momentum to take forward one resilience habit* to improve your resilience.
*they are free, fast and easy!
Speaker Bio
Dr Angela Armstrong is known for Building Personal Resilience for Sustainable High Performance. Angela’s talks and masterclasses give senior business leaders, talent managers and directors in professional services the insights, motivation and practical steps to ensure that their high performing employees can sustain high performance long-term.
Please contact Angela to arrange a complimentary ** 1-hour resilience session at your workplace.
Call 07971 480894 or email
** offer valid November - December 2017 and subject to availability