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Nikki Tak

Trainee Client Manager

I have a background in finance and studied Accounting and Finance at degree level, and spent a while seeking out the right accounting position. After volunteering two days a week at an accounting firm to get some more hands on experience, I joined Pentlands on a part-time basis. At the moment I’m soaking up all the learning opportunities, especially the exposure to clients from a wide variety of industries and sectors. Like many of my colleagues, I go to the gym regularly – at the moment I’m trying out the different cycling and aerobics classes after work.



We have the expertise and experience to help you keep on top of your responsibilities, from statutory deadlines to all the necessary paperwork. With our in-depth knowledge and awareness of the latest requirements, we ensure that none of your tax bills are more than they need to be.



By working closely with you to manage your accounts and make effective decisions, we get to know you and your business. We can help you grow organically or through acquisition, with the right advice for each scenario.



We can provide strategic advice for the more difficult decisions, such as planning your exit strategy, selling your business, pensions provisions and investments. When the time is right, we’ll help you realise the value you have worked so hard to create.




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Nikki Tak

Trainee Client Manager
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